SONYO Holds Interface Meeting Addressing on challenges of Youth Business Start-ups.

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Somaliland National Youth Organization (SONYO) organized a Quarterly based interface meeting addressing the challenges of youth business start-ups. The participants from government institutions, Universities, Youth entrepreneurs, CSOs, and other stakeholders are attending the event, The aim of this interface meeting is to discuss addressing the challenges of youth business start-ups.

SONYO Umbrella Executive Director, Mr. Abdihamid Omer, has delivered the official opening statement “I thank the distinguished guests from the government, private banks, civil society organizations, and youth participants, I encouraged the youth to discuss with the government officials and other financial institutions the challenges that face them during business start-ups.”Abdihamid said.

The chairperson of SONYO Mr. Abdi AbdiAziz M.Jama has encouraged the stakeholders to take a vital role in supporting the young entrepreneurs “This meeting will have a press release I’m encouraging the stakeholder to take their role in supporting the youth who are already on the business floor and others that are willing to enter” AbdiAziz M.Jama SONYO Chairperson.

Meanwhile, The Deputy Minister of Finance muse selef has promised his ministry to consider the outcomes of the interface meeting “The ministry of finance consider the recommendation that comes out of this meeting discussion to respond and enhance trials that are facing youth based on our ability” Deputy Minister MOF Muse Ibrahim Salaf” muse said. “We also established a one-stop shop-OSS to facilitate business establishers finding all the related services they might need while starting their business” Deputy Minister MOF Muse Ibrahim Salaf. Muse added.

At the conclusion of the meeting, the panelists have discussed issues concerning the challenges that youth entrepreneurs face from the beginning of the start-ups and they suggested the government minimize the allowance fees/taxation.

Amira Abdihakiim Young Female entrepreneur “I established Hargeisa diabetic center to provide the diabetic patients with the necessary health care I also faced several challenges during the process including the following, Lack of policies that are supporting youth which is starting new enterprises, Government should try to minimize the allowance fees/taxation needed to establish the business I believe that will encourage the start-ups.”Amira Abdihakiim entrepreneur.

Abdisalan Ahmed Young Male entrepreneur “I have tried three times to start my own businesses but never succeed, still I’m willing to try it out again and some of the reasons I believe I failed was evolved in other jobs and didn’t but the needed time, You have to be ready for success and failure from the very beginning, but learn from it in order to reach goals, The government has less interference to some issues that are facing the entrepreneurs including the rental fee/Electricity that are privately ruled” Abdisalan Ahmed entrepreneur.

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