Sonyo organized ‘Kulan Youth Summit 2018’ for the inaugural of the Somaliland National Youth Day.

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Somaliland National Youth Organizations (SONYO Umbrella), in collaboration with Ministry of Youth and Sports (MoYS) and other various stakeholders are organizing Kulan Youth Summit 2018’ for the inaugural of the Somaliland National Youth Day (SLNYD) – Feb 20, 2018.

A march consisting of 600 youth including high school and university students and being led by the Music Band-boy folk of the Somaliland police, the leadership of SONYO Umbrella and other youth leaders who were invited and brought from all regions went on from the SONYO Headquarter in Hargeisa and took the main street in front of the Presidency and the two Houses of Parliament. The march ended up at the Statue in front of the MJ Regional Court (previously the military court of the Siyad’s dictatorship). People in the march gathered at this Statue and made some speeches by very few distinguished guests of honor. The importance of the role of our youth in the development process was concentrated in most of those speeches. The democratic values that replaced those of the dictator regime were discussed on while the democracy of Somaliland was described as “hinging on the shoulders of the youth—who are the majority of the country’s population”. After the speeches, the memories of the victims killed during the students’ demonstrations back in 1980s when the Somali dictator regime set fire to the protesting students asking for the release of their detained civilian teachers and headmasters.

The Somaliland National Youth Day – Feb 20, previously known as UFFO Day, originated from the historical Stone-throwing events (Dhagaxtuur) against the regime Said Barre) that took place in 1982 and in honoring youth from the past, present and the future, Former President HE.Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud (Silanyo) recognized as the Somaliland National Youth Day through the decree with reference number JSL/M/XERM/249-

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