Guul-Allah Communications and Audiovisual Unit (CAVU)-Department

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Guul-Allah Communications and Audiovisual Unit (CAVU)-Department

This department presents one of SONYO’s capacity to be innovative towards ensuring it is self-reliant. It is the Media Production and Multimedia Consulting Unit, an income generating venture that aims at delivering high quality media products and services at affordable rates that are youth friendly and focused. Key clients include TV stations, internet and web-sites. Primary operational areas are:

Interactive Multimedia Original Television Programming Content Development & Stock Footage Filming events and directing/producing TV programs

This combines the storage and retrieval capabilities of computer database technology with advanced tools for viewing and manipulating these materials. It has been established that multimedia has the capacity to deliver large amounts of materials in multiple forms, and to deliver them in an integrated environment that allows users to control the reading and viewing experience.

This involves developing a script, creating a budget, hiring creative talent, designing a set, and rehearsing lines before filming takes place. After filming, the post-production process may include video editing and the addition of sound, music, and optical effects.

This is responsible for all stock footage related activities, which includes: business and technical development, marketing, customer relations, vendor relations, sales, distribution and overseeing film production.

Activities under this operation include placement of professional video cameras (camera blocking), lighting equipment, microphones, props, graphics, and the overall pacing and TV program production.