Organization Name: Youth Development Organization (YODO)

Thematic Area of intervention: adult education, health, skill training, FGM

Target group: youth, illiterate adults

Contact person: Ali Saleban Hassan
Title: Chair person
Mobiles: 4444717

Organization Name: youth volunteers for development and environment conservation (YOVENCO)

Thematic Area of intervention: education, wash, HR & projection, CR, livelihood

Target group: IDPs, youth, children, women, and men

Contact person: Abdi-Aziz Sa’ead Salah
Title:  Executive Director
Mobiles: 4446033

Organization Name: Sahil National Organization for Development and Awareness of Youth (SANDAY)

Thematic Area of intervention: NFE, HIV/AIDs, wash & environment

Target group: youth, orphanage

Contact person: Faysal Mohamed Ibrahim
Title: Executive Director
Mobiles: 4440449, 9390197

Organization Name: Youth Agriculture Development Voluntary Org (YADVO)

Thematic Area of intervention: NFE, plantation, HIV/AIDs, awareness campaign

Target group: returnees & out of school youth, women

Contact person: Abdikariin Ahmed Hassan
Title: Executive Director
Mobiles: 4447896

Organization Name: Somaliland education development organization (SEDO)

Thematic Area of intervention: education, wash, LSBE

Target group: youth, dropout, IDPs

Contact person: Ibrahim Digaale , Mustafe abdikani nuur
Title: Chair person , admin and Finance
Mobiles: 4448891 , 4404298
Email: ,